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Cooperation with EMS Partner

We are an exclusive Value-Added Distributor (VAD) in Central and Eastern Europe since 2014. We are currently expanding our partner network in the region.

The goal of EMS Partner is to help Partners identify challenges and needs of end customers. Maximizing the value obtained from investment projects is the basis of our operational assumptions. Technical knowledge and extensive experience allow us to support our Partners in the implementation of various projects.

What we offer

  • Project protection, discounts
  • Marketing initiatives (joint conferences, webinars)
  • NFR licenses
  • Project support:
    • Sales calls (identification, qualification)
    • Presales (technical presentations)
    • Proof of Concept
    • Pre-implementation Scope
    • Implementation work
    • Training
  • System maintenance services
  • Formalities (confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, commitments etc.)

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