Rozwiązanie Secfense

Rozwiązanie Secfense

Free your company from passwords and secure it with MFA authentication across all applications

The Secfense solution

Secfense is an application layer solution that facilitates multi-factor authentication. It secures access to web applications with an additional component, without the need to interfere with the source code of the secured software. With Secfense, you can quickly and effectively implement MFA and/or passwordless mechanisms.

For your organization


FIDO2 authentication and other MFA methods integrated as part of the infrastructure, rather than rigidly embedded in the application code.


All (FIDO2 compliant) MFA methods available on the market can be utilized in any application.


Protection of the entire organization encompasses both on-premises software and public and private cloud environments.

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Key features of the system

  • User Access Security Broker

    User Access Security Broker enables application protection using multi-factor authentication (MFA) based on FIDO2. It allows the implementation of passwordless MFA mechanisms and eliminates risks associated with phishing, social engineering, and credential theft. The deployment occurs without coding and enables the addition of MFA to any application in just a few minutes.

  • Full Site Protection

    Full Site Protection is a mechanism that prevents logging in from an untrusted network. Logging in is only possible when a user has previously activated their second factor of authentication. The activation of the second factor is conducted via the User Access Security Broker from Secfense in a trusted network.

  • Secfense Authenticator

    The Secfense Authenticator application allows the use of a phone for strong network authentication. With the Secfense Authenticator app, you can cryptographically confirm your identity on the network in the same secure manner that, until now, was only possible with physical U2F/FIDO2 cryptographic keys.

  • Microauthorizations

    Microauthorizations from Secfense enable the enforcement of re-authentication for a user every time they attempt to access specific resources or perform certain actions in a protected application. When microauthorizations are implemented, the Secfense solution suspends communication between the application and the user and sends a request appropriate for one of two models. In the Owner Model, Secfense requests the user to re-authenticate. In the Supervisor Model, the Secfense solution requests a third party for authorization.

How does Secfense work?

Traffic Inspection 
and Learning Traffic flows through the Secfense reverse-proxy.

Pattern Recognition 
If certain criteria are met, the traffic is redirected to the internal processor.

Activation of Security Modules 
The chosen MFA method is activated.

Secfense operates as an intermediary in the communication between the user and the application. It is software that intercepts traffic directed to the secured application. During the user’s communication with the application, it imposes an MFA challenge on the user. The software verifies if the user has access rights, and after successful verification, grants access to the application. With microauthorizations, Secfense allows control over access to different parts of the application’s content, enabling or denying access to users.

Secfense can be installed in cloud resources as a virtual machine or as a solution in a private datacenter of a given organization. For authentication using MFA mechanisms, Secfense utilizes the Secfense Authenticator app, available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Additionally, Secfense also allows the use of physical cryptographic keys. This solution is compliant with FIDO2.

Advantages of Secfense

Choose the MFA method that best suits your company

Choose the MFA method that best suits your company

FIDO2 authentication, as well as all other popular MFA methods, are always available on the Secfense platform.

Ensure secure work also in untrusted networks

Ensure secure work also in untrusted networks

Do not rely on VPN, instead trust in the user and their devices.

Become independent of the application lifecycle

Become independent of the application lifecycle

Application changes do not affect the operation of Secfense and strong authentication.

Protect the entire organization

Protect the entire organization

After deployment, the Secfense solution covers the entire infrastructure (both on-premise and cloud).

Bypass hardcoded session policies

Bypass hardcoded session policies

Take control of session expiration rules across all applications.

Test before making a decision

Test before making a decision

Testing of the Secfense solution is independent and does not interfere with the operation of your infrastructure.

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