Services in server environments

We offer comprehensive services for Windows, Linux, and Unix server environments, including auditing, configuration, and maintenance, tailored to the needs of your organization, utilizing our expertise in various server platforms to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

Services in server environments

Audit of Server Environments

Our server environment audit service offers an in-depth analysis and evaluation of infrastructure based on Windows, Linux, and Unix systems. This comprehensive solution ensures that your environment operates efficiently and in accordance with the best industry standards.

Key elements of the audit include:

  1. Architecture Analysis: Detailed analysis of configurations, including server roles and their interrelationships.
  2. Security and Protection: Evaluation of security policies, permissions, access, and other protective mechanisms.
  3. Performance and Optimization: Monitoring server load, identifying areas requiring optimization, and recommendations for improving performance.
  4. Account and Permission Management: Analysis and optimization of the structure of user accounts, groups, and their assigned permissions.
  5. Event Log Analysis: Examination and assessment of event logs for anomalies, unauthorized access attempts, and other potential threats.

Configuration of Server Environments

Our configuration service encompasses the design, implementation, and customization of Windows, Linux, and Unix environments to perfectly meet the requirements of your organization.

Key elements include:

  1. Architecture Design: Creating an optimal configuration that incorporates both Windows servers and Unix/Linux systems.
  2. Security Policy Configuration: Setting and customizing security policies, taking into account the specifics of each environment.
  3. Integration of External Solutions: Implementing solutions that enable integration with external applications and the cloud.
  4. Migration and Consolidation: Support in the migration and consolidation processes of existing server infrastructures.
  5. Training and Technical Support: Providing training for the team to enable them to effectively manage the server environment post-implementation.

Maintenance of Server Environments

Our maintenance service provides continuous care for the infrastructure to ensure its stability, security, and efficiency.

Key elements include:

  1. Performance and Security Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of server status and responding to potential threats.
  2. Troubleshooting: Immediate response to any issues, such as server failures, authorization problems, etc.
  3. Patching and Updates: Regularly implementing updates and patches to protect the infrastructure from the latest threats.
  4. Reporting and Event Analysis: Generating event reports to monitor activity and identify trends.
  5. Backup and Recovery: Ensuring regular backups and readiness for quick recovery in case of failures or data loss.

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