BeyondTrust Remote Support

BeyondTrust Remote Support

Enhance performance and security with advanced user and PAM support

About BeyondTrust Remote Support

BeyondTrust Remote Support is a remote support system that enables the implementation of security measures in remote user assistance processes. It allows for recording remote support sessions, separating HelpDesk operators from service account passwords, collaboration among service technicians within a single session, and providing remote user support without establishing VPN connections (even when they are outside the organization).

For your organization

Enhancing security and control over remote support processes

Separation of service technicians from the knowledge of service/privileged account passwords

Regulation of service technician permissions

The ability to conduct audits and control remote sessions performed by service technicians

Centralized recording and logging of remote support session sessions

Streamlining the work of HelpDesk teams by replacing multiple tools with one that provides access to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, vPRO, RDP, SSH, VNC systems.

Increasing the effectiveness of issue resolution by enabling multiple service technicians to collaborate within a single session

Speeding up operations by using a range of advanced functions during sessions (tools running in the background of sessions, e.g., CMD, remote file copying, extensive collaboration in service teams, built-in scripts, credential injection during privilege elevation)

Improving the user support process through integration with ITSM systems.

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Key features of the system:

  • Multi-Platform Support

    The system supports devices running Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android. It also handles older devices using protocols like RDP, Telnet, SSH, and VNC.

  • Active Collaboration

    Active collaboration between users and support team members accelerates problem-solving. The ability to define escalation paths for specific resources allows engaging the right people for the right actions, increasing user satisfaction.

  • Granular Permissions and Roles

    Precise management of teams, users, roles, and session settings allows the principle of least privilege to be applied to access permissions.

  • Session Recording

    Analyzing support team effectiveness and recording session activity enables tracking for auditing purposes, ensuring security, compliance, and training.

  • Browser-Based Support

    An HTML5-based Web console enables secure remote support from any browser without the need to download additional tools. ServiceDesk employees can immediately start troubleshooting from any location.

  • Protection of Service Account Passwords

    With a built-in password vault, system operators don’t need to know service account credentials to perform their tasks.

  • Remote Support without VPN

    The system’s readiness to operate in the DMZ allows the support team to assist users even when they’re not connected through a VPN tunnel to the corporate network.

How does BeyondTrust Remote Support work


Provide your Service Desk employees with an advanced solution for remote support, enabling them to quickly and securely diagnose and resolve issues.


Protect and hold your Service Desk team accountable with built-in features for recording support sessions and correlated data. Ensure that Service Desk employees work efficiently and safely.


Expand the form of support provided by incorporating chat support, remote camera sharing, intelligent collaboration, and other supporting features.

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