Services related to Active Directory

Our Active Directory services offering, including auditing, configuration, and maintenance, is tailored to your organization’s needs and aims to optimize the performance of your infrastructure, leveraging our expertise in this field to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

Services related to Active Directory

Active Directory audit

Our Active Directory audit service is a comprehensive solution that allows for in-depth analysis and evaluation of your Active Directory infrastructure. This ensures that your environment operates efficiently and in accordance with industry best practices.

Key components of our audit include:

  1. Architecture Analysis: We conduct a detailed analysis of the Active Directory structure, including the domain tree, organizational units, and groups.
  2. Security and Policies: Evaluation of security policies, permissions, and group policies to identify potential security gaps.
  3. Performance Assessment: Monitoring the load on Active Directory servers and identifying potential areas that may require optimization.
  4. Account and Group Management: Analyzing the structure of user accounts, computers, and groups to ensure optimal management.
  5. Event Log Audit: Checking and analyzing event logs for irregularities, unauthorized access attempts, and other threats.

Active Directory configuration

Our Active Directory Configuration service is a comprehensive approach to designing, implementing, and customizing the Active Directory environment to meet the specific needs of your organization.

It includes the following elements:

  1. Designing Domain Structure: We create an optimal domain structure and organizational units to meet your business requirements.
  2. Setting up Groups and Security Policies: We configure security policies to ensure adequate levels of protection.
  3. Integration with External Systems: We implement solutions to enable integration with external systems such as the cloud or third-party applications.
  4. Migration and Consolidation: We support the migration or consolidation process of existing Active Directory environments.
  5. Training and Support: We provide training for your team to enable them to effectively manage the Active Directory environment after implementation.

Active Directory maintenance

Our maintenance service for Active Directory provides continuous care for your infrastructure to ensure its stability, security, and performance.

It includes the following aspects:

  1. Performance and Security Monitoring: Continuous analysis of server status and security monitoring to respond quickly to any potential threats.
  2. Issue Resolution: Immediate response to any occurring issues, including server failures, authentication problems, and more.
  3. Patching and Updates: Regular deployment of patches and updates to protect against the latest threats.
  4. Reporting and Event Analysis: Systematic event reporting to monitor activity and identify trends.
  5. Backup and Recovery: Ensuring regular backups and readiness for fast recovery in the event of failures or data loss.

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