Virtualization services

We offer comprehensive services for VMware and Hyper-V virtualization environments, including audit, configuration, and maintenance, tailored to your organization’s needs, thanks to our expertise in virtualization, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency.

Virtualization services

Virtualization Audit

Our audit service offers comprehensive analysis and assessment of your virtualization infrastructure. We ensure that your environment operates efficiently and complies with industry standards.

Key elements of the audit include:

  1. Virtualization host configuration analysis: In-depth analysis of settings, configurations, and performance of virtualization hosts.
  2. Virtual machine management: Assessment of the structure and management of virtual machines, including their alignment with application requirements.
  3. Performance optimization: Monitoring and identification of areas requiring optimization to ensure efficient resource utilization.
  4. Security and safeguards: Evaluation of security policies, including isolation and access control for virtual machines.
  5. Event log analysis: Examination of event logs for abnormalities, unauthorized access attempts, and other potential threats.

Virtual Environment Configuration

Our configuration service includes the design, deployment, and customization of virtualization platforms to precisely meet your organization’s requirements.

Key elements include:

  1. Designing virtualization infrastructure: We create an optimal virtualization architecture, considering the needs of applications and workloads.
  2. Security policy configuration: We configure and adapt security policies for the virtualization environment and virtual machines.
  3. Integration of additional solutions: We implement additional tools and solutions to enhance integration with the cloud and external systems.
  4. Migration and consolidation: We assist in the migration or consolidation of existing virtualization environments.
  5. Training and technical support: We provide training for your team to enable them to effectively manage the virtualization environment after deployment.

Virtual Environment Maintenance

Our maintenance service provides continuous care for virtualization infrastructure to ensure its stability, security, and performance.

Key elements include:

  1. Performance and security monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the state of hosts and virtual machines with a response to potential threats.
  2. Issue resolution: Immediate response to any occurring issues, such as host failures or performance problems with virtual machines.
  3. Patching and updates: Regular deployment of updates and patches to secure the infrastructure against the latest threats.
  4. Event reporting and analysis: Generating event reports for activity monitoring and trend identification.
  5. Backup and recovery: Ensuring regular backups and preparedness for quick recovery in case of failures or data loss.

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