Cygna VitalQIP (DDI)

Cygna VitalQIP (DDI)

Ensure the reliability and continuity of your network. Monitor, manage, and optimize your network infrastructure

About Cygna VitalQIP (DDI)

The larger your IP network, the harder it is to keep track of which IP addresses are in use and which IP addresses and subnets are still available. Even if your databases and spreadsheets seem clear, you still need to know if the same information is stored in DNS. And if you also use DHCP, department moves or integrating new network objects can become an administrative nightmare as information must be updated independently and separately in multiple places.

Cygna Labs VitalQIP maintains a database of IP infrastructure and all related network objects on a central enterprise VitalQIP server. Using this database, DNS and DHCP network services can operate automatically on decentralized remote VitalQIP servers. Administration is also decentralized: each administrator logs into VitalQIP through a web interface and can make changes precisely to the elements for which they are responsible.

Cechy Cygna VitalQIP

Managed DDI services

Utilize our multi-tiered managed DDI services to support your VitalQIP DDI infrastructure and/or migrations, additions, and changes.

Enhance Network Security

Add a layer of DDI to your network defense strategy, covering DNS security, IP address integrity, and central reporting and investigative actions.

Full Support for IPv4/IPv6

Comprehensive planning, allocation, and assignment of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with integrated support for multiple DHCP, DHCPv6, and DNS providers.

Seamless Automation

REST APIs, SOAP/XML APIs, and VitalQIP command-line interfaces (CLIs) make it easy to integrate with external providers for streamlined automation of DDI functions in the IT field.

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Organize your work and processes with Cygna VitalQIP

Flexible Deployment

VitalQIP allows centralized management of LAN/WAN networks and multi-cloud DDI infrastructure using software, hardware, and virtual devices.

Integrated DNS Security

Unlike competitive DDI systems that charge for DNS security features, we include them, allowing you to configure your own DNS firewall if desired, set up DNSSEC, and many other DNS security features.

Technical benefits of VitalQIP

Security for critical services

Comprehensive and transparent monitoring with alerts

Detailed audit trail for tracking changes

Easy and detailed updates

Comprehensive support for IPv6

Effective troubleshooting tools

Agility for the largest environments

Key data management features

Performance, reliability, and scalability for the highest demands

Advantages of Cygna VitalQIP

Integration with IP address management, DNS/DDNS, and DHCP.

High standard of automatic failover capability.

Decentralized administration with precise, detailed permission assignment.

Centralized monitoring, storage, and database backup creation.

Optional running of DNS and DHCP services on runIP devices.

Decentralized, yet unified network operational services.

Highly scalable, multi-platform solution with open interfaces.

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