Cygna Auditor Platform

Cygna Auditor Platform

Gain full control and transparency of your organization’s operations with a comprehensive platform for auditing, alerts, and reporting

About Cygna Auditor Platform

Cygna Auditor is a comprehensive analytical platform that allows auditing and continuous monitoring of Active Directory, Azure, Microsoft 365, VMware, and AWS environments.

The solution also enables blocking changes and restoring the state before their introduction, by automatically and instantly responding to undesirable modifications made in protected environments.

Cygna Auditor provides full insight into the current state of audited environments, delivering decision-support information and thus reducing incident response time.

For your organization

IT security orchestration with data at its center

Identification and classification of confidential information with the highest precision.

Reducing exposure and detecting threats in a timely manner to prevent data breaches.

Achieving and maintaining internal and external compliance (GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI, etc.).

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Key system features

  • Global reporting

    An enhanced web console that allows you to view and consolidate audit information from on-premise and cloud systems on a single screen.

  • Auditing and alerts

    Instant knowledge of when an unwanted change occurs and who made it.

  • Change reversal

    Reduces the risk of downtime by rolling back any unwanted changes or restoring data to a specific point in time.

  • Protection

    Primarily blocks changes in critical AD objects.

  • Compliance audits

    Minimize your time and effort in creating compliance reports for auditors with a library of pre-defined reports.

  • Web console

    A modern HTML 5 web console that allows you to manage from anywhere on any device. Easily gain a quick overview of the entire environment or delve into details to make informed decisions.

  • RBAC Delegation

    Gain full control over permissions and access with a role-based access control (RBAC) model. Organizations can assign users or groups to Cygna’s built-in or custom roles to provide users with only the permissions they need to perform their tasks. Scoping allows you to specify where these permissions apply.

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